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Fun Chocolate Facts

Interesting And Fun Chocolate Facts

Chocolate is a very old item once made into the drinks of Mayan and Incan Kings. This rich dark beverage was made into a hot drink not like the Hot Cocoa that we drink today. Recipes of that time were trial and error. By today's standards even the processing of cocoa beans today compared with 100 or more years ago and chocolate making in general would take too long.

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Many chocolate making companies are going back to older more historical taste in chocolates and making them as special editions. Some confectionery companies that make chocolate for their recipes only will buy European made chocolate.

This is not to say that American made chocolate is not good, it just means that often chocolates are made by different methods and therefore are processed differently. Lovely white chocolate tastes very different from a mild milk chocolate and vastly different than a dark rich chocolate. For these reasons alone, people prefer many different types of chocolate when they use it in their recipes.

Some people never will compromise taste in their chocolate, so, these same people do the same thing when it comes to where they get the chocolate that they use for their candy making. Companies like Ghirardelli produce and process their own chocolate. For this reason they can control it from plant to processed chocolate to finished product. This is one of many Fun Chocolate Facts.

Some people never compromise, nor should they. If you have read lately about chocolate and it actually being healthy for you, what you heard is right. Fun chocolate Facts: In some quantities chocolate gives you antioxidants. These antioxidants flush out free radicals and the damage they cause to your body. Chocolate is also good for your heart, and your mind. Eating and consuming chocolate releases hormones in your body when triggered in your brain that give you a sense of well-being and happiness.

So, as with everything, in moderation chocolate and all of its kinds, forms and brands is good for you and your well being. Find your favorite brand of chocolate, even baking chocolate and make something nice for yourself like a warm cup of cocoa or a batch of brownies or chocolate cake. Or you can top your dish of ice cream or dessert with chocolate syrup, or caramel sauce. If you love truffles, some from Lindt are great in a chocolate fix pinch.


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